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The purpose of reaching out to college and high school classes is to fill a void in many advertising, marketing and public relations curricula. Despite the fact that the promotional products medium has been around a lot longer than most media, it tends to get minimal attention in the classroom. The irony is that marketers spent around $19 billion in 2012 on promotional products, a figure that places it high in the top rankings of media expenditures.

Since many students will ultimately be responsible for advertising and promotion budgets, you may want to help them investigate the potential of promotional products so they can make better informed media selection and budget decisions when the time comes.

Of course, such an examination is hard to make if you don’t have the material. While embracing wholeheartedly the education of college advertising and marketing majors, the promotional products industry has not always been able to make consistent contributions to the body of marketing literature.

Many in this industry recognize this problem—a provident realization because many teachers in the marketing disciplines have come to recognize that the traditional view of advertising and marketing, with its focus on mass media, is not consistent with the upheaval now occurring in the marketplace. The axiom “Nothing happens until a sale is made” may be true, but oh, what it takes nowadays to make that sale.

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