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It’s Time To Speak Up!

As a PPAI & ASI ADvocate, you’ll have the opportunity to be the face and the spirit of the industry. The goal of being an ADvocate is to educate business organizations and educational institutions in local communities by showing them that promotional products can help their bottom line by:

  • Improving their marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Enhancing the staying power of their brand or message
  • Solving their business challenges

PPAI & ASI are with you every step of the way. We provide specially designed tools and training that have been formulated for you to achieve success. Becoming an ADvocate is simple and can open the door to an infinite amount of networking opportunities—and you’ll likely meet new clients along the way.

Become an industry ADvocate today and learn how you can do your part to further develop the promotional products industry.

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What is a PPAI & ASI ADvocate?
An ADvocate is an industry professional who is passionate about what he or she does and is dedicated to growing the industry by telling the promotional story to audiences who can benefit from learning about the power of promotional products as an advertising medium.

How can the ADvocate program impact your business and the industry as a whole?
The impact on a business is subtle, but the impact on the industry is substantial. The ADvocate program is about promoting the only advertising medium that can be experienced by all our senses to buyers and students across the country. It creates a better understanding and appreciation of our industry as a whole, and hopefully this new level of understanding will translate into increased business for everyone.

Why is the ADvocate program important to you?
The ADvocate program is a way to give something back to this wonderful industry.
Download the Advocate industry Fact Book.
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